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High Peaks Mountain Bike Skills Progression

We offer both 1/2 and full day bike skill lessons with NYSDEC professionally certified and insured local guides who love sharing their hard earned skills with you.

Introductory lessons - Overview of bike, Preflight checklist before you ride, how to properly mount, stop, and dismount bike, Efficient peddling and turning, Both uphill and downhill lessons are given on beginner appropriate terrain.

Intermediate lesson - More detailed checklists, refinement of uphill and down hill skills on more complicated terrain, refinement of peddling skills, how to read the trail and conditions, travel on more difficult terrain, log rolls, etc.

Advanced lesson - Want to take it to the next level? You’ve put your miles in and maybe want to start getting airborne? Ride some more advanced features? Be more of an efficient enduro rider? This is the track for you.