Backcountry Ski Touring


Get out there…

The Adirondack State Park is also the perfect destination for AT and telemark skiers. Get into the game, hone your skills, and master your technique on a wide variety of trails from Whiteface Mountain morning skinning and alpine techniques to the miles of wilderness trails in our area. The Adirondack slides also make for some of the best back-country ski slopes, and with so many at hand we can introduce you to one of any level you desire. You can also combine your skiing adventure with a winter mountaineering and camping course and enjoy a multi-sport winter backcountry experience. We offer introductory to advanced courses all season long!

May involve off-track terrain with moderate hills which may require the ability to navigate significant downhill sections. Skis tend to be wider with metal edges and scales, boots and bindings tend to be heavier duty for control over uneven terrain.