Jim on Center Stage 5.12b

Jim on Center Stage 5.12b

Friday September 28

Jim Lawyer

Jim began bagging peaks in the Adirondacks at the age of 5, during a family vacation in 1970. His love of wild places and the escape they offer led him to long-distance hiking in his teens. After that, rock climbing was a natural extension. Over the last 30 years, he has dedicated his life to climbing extensively around the world. In that pursuit, he has climbed on nearly every continent, authored one of the best guidebooks on the planet: Adirondack Rock,  and is now pushing the 5.13 envelope.


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Adirondack Rock Climbing Guidebook Author

Kevin “ Mudrat Mackenzie in his element!

Kevin “ Mudrat Mackenzie in his element!

Saturday September 29


Kevin moved to the Lake Placid area in 2003. A year later he became a 46er. It wasn't long before he asked himself the question “What’s next?” This was inadvertently answered by a friend who suggested they climb a slide on Whiteface Mountain. His next question was, “What is a slide?”

10 years later, slide climbing originally brought Kevin into one of the Adirondacks most remote climbing areas: Panther Gorge.

Panther Gorge soon became Kevin’s wilderness home;. Kevin was there whenever possible during every season. The roundtrip of 18+ miles made it all the more alluring. “ Mountain solitude is a special thing especially in a society where everybody is “plugged in”. Exploring and documenting the cliffs, crevices and talus fields of the gorge became his passion. That journey has brought him into contact with strong local climbers who share the same focus: Adam Crofoot, Bill Schneider and a few others—a sort of Panther Gorge pioneer’s club aka The Pride. Kevin’s overall journey has spawned relationships with my heroes of Adirondack rock climbing—Don Mellor & Jim Lawyer. Their wisdom and expertise can’t be described with words.

Kevin’s travels are far from over, the area is vast and the opportunities many. To date he has climbed over 100 unique slides and experienced the thrill of adding dozens of new rock and ice routes in various areas: Marcy, Gothics, Haystack and Giant.

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Panther Gorge Climbing Magazine Article

Guess that route.....?

Guess that route.....?

Cost for Rendezvous evening celebrations $20.00 per night 

Money goes towards defraying costs of venue, speakers, and live music.